Our process to producing your successful video…

from idea to launch.

Defining Your Vision

We often start by figuring out the goals and problems to be solved. Whether it’s raising awareness, increasing sales, engaging audiences or just wanting a cool, good-looking video, we help develop the perfect video to meet your goals! Producing a video is like building a house — and we help build the perfect home for you! We work within your resources and budgetary needs to find the perfect video that meets all of your goals.


It’s time to dig! We ask a series of questions and do hours of research to find out exactly how to craft a niche for your business or organization. Overall, this is where we brainstorm, plan and organize your video.

There are two different options to brainstorm messages in this process:

• We collaborate together to create the right video marketing messages and ideas for your business.

• We take care of the full creative process to craft the best video marketing messages for your business.


All the planning finally pays off and our vision becomes a reality — this is where we capture the magic. From filming interviews to engaging beauty shots, we shoot all types of angles and visuals. We use a variety of different equipment to create an extraordinary experience through production.


This is where the magic happens! We take all of the footage and craft a unique, grabbing story that communicates the messages that were brainstormed earlier. We will often add graphics, effects, sound, and other engaging video elements to tie the video together.


So you have your video…now it’s time for the world to see it! As the project nears completion, we provide guidance and best practices to ensure a successful video launch, including tips to best present the video across social media sites.

In addition, we help ensure that the video is effective on your website, in order to drive the most traffic and results.

We recently changed our name to Flow Video. Learn more here:FlowVideo.com
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