Non-profits can use video to increase engagement,
raise funds, and spread awareness for a cause.

Testimonial Video

Allow for a personal connection to your story! Through testimonials, audiences are able to connect with content on a more personal and emotional level, as they are able to relate to the experiences of featured subjects. Viewers receive a real account of what your organization believes in to help make the world a better place. Testimonial videos about a single experience are also great to include within case studies, as this targeted messaging renders direct and valuable data.

Featured Video: Read to a Child Video


Organization Story/About Video

Learn the “why” behind your organization! An organization story allows viewers to meet the incredible individuals who make your team truly impressive, first-hand. We like to feature a variety of faces and voices — not only in leadership, but also the hard-working volunteers and day-to-day operations members of your team. Organization stories are extremely important for newly developed or re-branded organizations so that audiences can get to know and feel comfortable with the team behind the magic.

Featured Video: Tamarack Camps Video


Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Video

Bring your entrepreneurial idea to life! Kickstarter/Crowdfunding videos help startup organizations tell their story to grant makers and potential donors in a cost-efficient, professional way. We work with you to create content that is truly enticing for your donors and help drive action.

Featured Video: South Oakland Shelter — Marie’s Story


Social Media Animated Video

Generate buzz around a new product or service! Animated social media videos are excellent for alerting the community and building momentum around a new product or service of your organization. Combining animated graphics, text, as well as filmed footage or photographs helps tell your story in a brief and captivating fashion. While we do include engaging audio for each of our animated social media videos, we operate under the idea that these videos should be equally effective with or without sound as most videos on social media autoplay and play mute. Appealing visual content and aesthetics drive this type of video.

Featured Video: Walk on Wilson’s Video


PSA/Call-to-Action Video

Spotlight an issue and encourage action in a creative, visual way. PSAs and call-to-action videos allow organizations to speak directly about a concern, generate awareness and conversation, and then encourage change. These videos often highlight beliefs, values and character, and allow an organization to take a definitive stance on an issue. PSAs and call-to-action videos are most successful digitally where they can actively be shared and generate real-time conversation.

Featured Video: Josh Levine Foundation Video


Mission Video

Showcase your values! Mission videos allow organizations to connect with individuals while clarifying exactly what it seeks to do, who it services, and why it operates. Mission videos help to visually establish an organization’s culture and to educate viewers of its core motivations.

Featured Video: UMatter Video


Community Awareness/PR Video

Promote goodwill and positive PR for your community! Community awareness/PR videos show viewers the value that an organization places on its environment and the involvement it takes in further benefiting the community. With the revitalization of certain cities, many organizations choose to highlight what it is doing and how it plays a role within the larger narrative. This is a great way to show the pride an organization has for its city, while also giving back.

Featured Video: Genesee County Habitat for Humanity Video


Event/Recap Video

Relive your events! Event and Recap Videos are essential for capturing important happenings or notable speakers as it directly relates to the organization. We have capabilities to seamlessly record entire events and creatively craft them down into a consumable highlight feature. We take the best soundbites and visual moments to concisely showcase your event(s).

Featured Video: Hazon’s Michigan Jewish Food Festival Video

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