Schools can use video to educate prospective families, energize donors, and increase community awareness.

School Promo Video

Imagine if you could give a school tour to a family without having them take a step inside your school. A story about your school is a great way to tie together the unique elements that make your school stand out.

Your school’s current families are the best marketers.

They will be excited to share your video with their network. In addition to sharing the video on social media, our clients have seen success by showing the video in-person at open house events as well.

Featured Video: Hillel Day School Promo Video


Scholarships & Annual Campaigns

Have a scholarship that you’re trying to promote? Want students to apply and alumni to donate toward the fund? We follow a student who has been motivated by the scholarship through their academic journey.

Featured Video: Kettering University’s “Keep Me Kettering” Scholarship Campaign


Day of Giving

Following the Thanksgiving Holiday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday intends to bring the community together through 24 hours of charitable giving. Schools can use videos to greater engage prospective donors via email and social media in the days leading up to and on the big day.

Featured Video: Michigan State University Day of Giving


Alumni Engagement Video

Many alumni haven’t walked into a classroom or back through campus for many years. Current students can genuinely speak to their personal experiences and stories, giving alumni the opportunity to take a virtual tour.

Featured Video: Kettering University Alumni Campaign


Program Overview Video

No better way to answer questions about your school programs than answering them in a video! Program overview videos give your audience a quick summary of special programs. It’s an opportunity to highlight the specific faculty and curriculum to establish your school as a leader in that specific space. Our clients have experienced great success by sharing these videos in email newsletters.

Featured Video: Kettering University’s “Lives Improve Through Engineering” (LITE) Program


Visual Showcase

Make the campus, facilities, and smiling faces of your school shine. We showcase the most eye-grabbing visuals to draw in viewers.

Featured Video: Michigan State University’s “MSU in Motion”


Faculty Recruiting Videos

Video is a powerful medium to attract talented faculty to your school or university. Through video, viewers can get a feel for the school’s mission, history, culture, and location.

Featured Video: Careers at Kettering University


Alumni Award

Alumni do extraordinary things and produce extraordinary results for your school. Whether it’s giving an honorary award at a banquet or reaching out to alumni in the area, telling those stories through video increases camaraderie and engagement.

Featured Video: Michigan State University’s “Distinguished Alumni” Honoree Video


Event Coverage and Recap Videos

Your conference may only last one or two days, but through the power of video, anyone in the world can re-live it through a highlight video. But, it isn’t only to highlight the past… coverage from the previous event can be used to market next year’s event.

Featured Video: T-Summit Conference by IBM & Michigan State University


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