Businesses can use video to reach prospective clients,
establish brand awareness, and increase sales.

Homepage Launch Video

Explain your business or company mission through a short homepage video. These videos can combine filmed footage and motion graphic text to tell your story in an engaging fashion.

Featured Video: SEEN Media – Launch Video


Testimonial Video

Testimonial Videos are credible and authentic: they let your customers or clients tell the story for you. These videos often start with a challenge that they experienced and how your company provided a solution. Testimonial videos about a single customer experience is great to include within your case studies and can help future customers relate to your product or service.

Through an on-camera casual chat (approximate 30-minute “interview”) combined with shots around their office, we can tell your client’s journey using your service or product.

Featured Video: Level One Bank: Goldfish Swim School’s Story


Educational Video

You are already an expert in your industry. Educational videos position you as this.

These pieces of content are often evergreen and can be sent to new customers or clients for months or years to come.

How do you come up with video topics? Think about the two or three questions that you receive most often…that’s a good place to start.

Featured Video: What is Post Concussion Syndrome? — The Sports Neurology Clinic


Company Story

It’s time to meet the people and learn the “why” behind your company and team.

A company story video explains your values and mission as a company. We like to feature a variety of faces and voices, not only company leadership, but also individuals from the product development and other team who make your company rock.

Two great uses for company story videos are to introduce your company to potential customers and to use on your careers page.

Featured Video: Bamboo Detroit


Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos turn complex ideas into very simple to understand messages. Explainer videos often start with a problem, and walk through the service or product’s solution, benefits, and features.

These types of videos do not include live action shots of people in your company or of your product, but we animate scenarios to create an easily understandable and relatable message.

Featured Video: FireRover


Product Introduction

Getting ready to launch a new product? Have a product that needs a little boost?

Show off the unique features of your latest product through video. These videos give viewers the feeling as if they are trying out your product in the real world.

Featured Video: Sacs of Life


Facility Tour

Facility tours let you show off your shiny new machinery and give tours of your new factory to anyone in the world, without breaking the bank. In addition, a video can free up your staff from spending an afternoon showing off your facility to visitors.

The process is very simple: for most factories or areas of land, we can cover it in under a day (and sometimes just a couple of hours). We can add in voiceover and text, too!

Featured Video: Tour of Giffin & Continental Structural Plastics’ Top Coat Paint Shop in Carey, Ohio

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