We’re a video marketing company that produces engaging video content for businesses and organizations.

Homepage Video

Someone lands on your website…it’s time to introduce yourself. A homepage video is a great way to tell the story about your company, product, or organization in a short video.

Featured Video: Bamboo Detroit


Educational Institution Video

You get a call from a parent who wants more information on your school and wants to see what it looks like.

Education institution videos allow prospective parents and students to get the full aesthetic tour experience of programs, classrooms, and scholarship opportunities without ever previously stepping foot inside.

Featured Video: Hillel Day School Promo Video


An Individual’s Story

Sometimes it is better to zoom in and find the individual with the story within your company or organization.

Featured Video: Kettering University’s Keep Me Kettering Scholarship


Product Video

Getting ready to launch a product to the world?
Have a product that needs a little boost?

Video is a great way to show off your product out in the real world.

Featured Video: Sacs of Life


Event Coverage and Recap Videos

Your conference may only last one or two days, but through the power of video, anyone in the world can re-live it through a highlight video. But, it isn’t only to highlight the past… coverage from the previous event can be used to market next year’s event.

Featured Video: T-Summit Conference by IBM & Michigan State University